Sanctuary Of The Holy Spirit

About Us

  1. Our Vision

    Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit has been set up by God to develop his children to be true worshippers, while living a life of truth and fulfilling their God ordained purpose. At Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit we believe our primary purpose is to worship God, serve him and serve our community. According to John 4:24 those that worship God must worship him, in spirit and in truth, we believe this is the true and acceptable worship to God. As human beings we have been created to Worship the Father, in all expressions and with all that we have. We are keen to ensure that each member is a true disciple and ambassador of Christ wherever they find themselves, by teaching the word using practical day to day examples to demonstrate the behaviours expected from a true disciple of Christ. We are a family church functioning in the heart of the community, our services are open to all and cater for all members of the family. From the children and youth ministry through to the main adult church, there is something for everyone. We look forward to you joining our services.

  1. Our Mission

    We want the true worship of God to fill the earth, we want God to be worshipped in spirit and in truth, which means connecting with God through the Holy Spirt and His Word. We aim to fulfil our mission through the following goals: TRUE WORSHIP AND REVERENCE FOR GOD, INTIMATE FELLOWSHIP WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT, TEACHING THE INFALLIBLE WORD OF GOD, DISCIPLESHIP, FAMILY AND COMMUNITY BUILDING.

  1. Church Officials

    Pastor Wale Adeyemo and Pastor Busola Adeyemo have been pastoring Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit since its establishment in 2015.

How To Find Us

Sanctuary of The Holy Spirit, Capital House, 47 Rushey Green, 2nd Floor, Lewisham, SE6 4AS

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