Bible Study – Genesis 6-9

This weeks bible study lesson, will be based on Genesis chapter 6 – 9:

1) Based on Genesis 6:5-7, why was God so upset with His creation?

2) Looking at Genesis 6:8-9, what was different about Noah?

3) Reflecting on Genesis 7:1, why is it only Noah’s household that were saved? Who else around Noah could have benefited?

4) How can we graciously warn our friends and loved ones of judgment without being judgmental?

5) Noah was in the ark for over 150 days, roughly 5 months. Reflecting on yourself, how did God help you to persevere and get through hardships?

6) Based on Genesis 8:20-22, how significant was Noah’s first act?

7) Reflecting on Genesis 9:12, why do you think God uses symbols/signs to solidify His convents?

8) Why do you think Ham told his brothers about his father’s nakedness? Do you think this was right? What should he have done instead?

God bless

Related Scriptures:
Genesis 17:10-11
Matthew 26:26-28
Matthew 24:37
2 Peter 2:5


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