Bible Study – Genesis 13 and 14

This weeks bible study lesson, will be based on Genesis chapter 13 and 14:

Chapter 13 Questions

1) Looking at Genesis 13:1-2 what can we learn about Abraham’s time in Egypt?

2) Reflecting on verses 8-9, how did Abram show himself to be generous with his nephew Lot?

3) Looking at verses 10-13, why do you think Lot chose the best land (according to him)?

4) In what ways can wealth or worldly possessions cause strife in a family? Do you think such things can be resolved and if yes how?

Chapter 14 Questions

1) Reflecting on what we have learned about Abraham from the previous chapters, what are your thoughts on Abraham as a military man based on Genesis 14:14-16?

2) Based on verse 18-20 who is Melchizedek?

3) What is a notable difference between the king of Salem and king of Sodom (verses 18-21)?

4) What lessons can we learn from Abraham not accepting the goods from the king of Sodom?

God bless

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