Bible Study Quiz

This weeks bible lesson will be a quiz on the scriptures in Genesis that we have studied so far (Chapters 1-18, excluding 5,10 and 11).

Questions for Genesis 1-4

1) What was created on day 6?
2) Who else was there during the time of creation?
3) What other scripture in the bible connects to Genesis 1?
4) What were the 3 reasons Eve decided to eat from the tree?
5) What did God show Cain?
6) What type of lives should we live?

Questions for Genesis 6-9

7) Why did God cause the flood?
8) Why was Noah spared?
9) What did Noah do first when he came off the ark?
10) Why does God use symbols/signs to solidify His convents?
11) What did Shem and Japheth do for Noah?

Questions for Genesis 12

12) How old was Abraham and Sarah when they left for Canaan?
13) What country did Abraham and Sarah go to because of the famine?

Questions for Genesis 13-14

14) Why was Abraham generous to lot?
15) What land did Lot choose?
16) How many men did Abraham arm himself with to save Lot?
17) What was the name of the king of Salam, the priest of God Most High?
18) What did the king of Salam bring to Abraham and what did Abraham give him?

Questions for Genesis 15-16

19) What did Abraham do in verse 6, that related to righteousness?
20) What vision was shown to Abraham?
21) Who found Hagar in the wilderness?
22) What did the Angel say Ishmael will be?
23) What did Hagar call the LORD after speaking to the Angel?

Questions for Genesis 17-18

24) What does the name Abraham mean?
25) What does circumcision signify?
26) What does the name Isaac mean?
27) How many men visited Abraham and Sarah?
28) What number did Abraham stop at when interceding for Sodom and Gomorrah?

God bless


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