Bible Study – Genesis 37 and 38

This weeks bible study lesson, will be based on Genesis chapter 37 and 38:

Chapter 37 Questions

1) Looking at verses 1-11, what caused Joseph’s brothers to hate him?

2) Reflecting on verses 4, 8 and 11, at what point did their hate for Joseph turn to envy? What is the problem with envy?

3) Read James 1:15, compare this verse with verse 18-20, was it possible for Joseph’s brothers to stop their desire before it led to sin?

4) Comparing Reuben and Judah’s suggestions in verses 22-27, who acted wisely out of the two?

Chapter 38 Questions

1) Reflecting on verses 11-14, what caused Tamar to take matters into her own hands?

2) Looking at verse 26, Tamar tricked Judah, in what ways were her actions “righteous”?

3) Why was the situation with Judah and Tamar included in the scriptures?

God bless

Related Scripture:
Matthew 1:1 – 6
Exodus 20:17
James 3:16
James 4:2-3
1 Corinthians 3:3


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