Bible Study – Exodus Chapter 1 – 2

This weeks bible study lesson, will be based on Exodus chapter 1 and 2:

1) Based verse 8-14 of Exodus 1, why did this new king not appreciate what Joseph had done for Egypt?

2) Looking at verses 16 and 22 of Exodus 1, why did Pharaoh want to harm the sons only? What was he hoping would happen?

3) Verse 17 of Exodus 1 says the midwives feared God, in what way did they fear God?

4) Looking at verses 3,4 and 7 of Exodus 2, what type of wisdom did Moses’s mother and sister display?

5) What type of privileges and opportunities do you think Moses was exposed to growing up in Pharaoh’s palace?

6) Reflecting on verse 11 of Exodus 2, how do you think Moses’ upbringing allowed him to identify with his people?

7) Based on verses 12-14 of Exodus 2, what was the result of Moses taking matters into his own hands?

God bless


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