Bible Study – Exodus Chapter 3 – 4

This weeks bible study lesson, will be based on Exodus chapter 3 and 4:

1) Moses had lived in Midian for 40 years, how do you think this environment changed him?

2) Looking at verse 2 of Exodus 3, What was special about God appearing in a burning bush? Why do you think God chose to appear in this way?

3) Reflecting on verse 11 of Exodus 3, what do you notice about Moses’s response here?

4) Reflecting on verse 12 of Exodus 3, what do you think about God’s response to Him? Why is it important to remember that God will always be with us?

5) Reflecting on verses 13 – 15 of Exodus 3, why did God choose to tell Moses His name?

6) Looking at verses 1-9 of Exodus 4, what was the purpose of these signs?

7) Reflecting on verses 10 – 12 of Exodus 4, what do we learn about how God sees what we think is a weakness?

8) In verse 13 Moses gives his fourth excuse of why he is not qualified, reflecting on verses 14-17 of Exodus 4, what do you think about God’s response?

9) Reflecting on verses 24-26 of Exodus 4, why did God want to put Moses to death after He just gave him an assignment?

God bless


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