Bible Study – Exodus Chapter 5 – 6

This weeks bible study lesson, will be based on Exodus chapter 5 and 6:

1) Looking at verse 2 of Chapter 5, what do we learn about Pharaoh’s character?

2) Reflecting on verses 4-9 of chapter 5, why did Pharaoh punish the Isralites instead of Moses and Aaron?

3) Reflecting on verses 17-21 of chapter 5, do you think the Israelites were unreasonable in their reaction to Moses and Aaron?

4) What do we learn about Moses in verses 22-23 of chapter 5?

5) Looking at verses 1-8 of chapter 6, what was the purpose of God’s conversation with Moses?

6) Reflecting on verse 9 of chapter 6, how do you feel when someone tries to reassure you that God is in control, when you are going through tough times?

7) Looking at verses 12-13 and 28-30 of chapter 6, how do you think Moses was starting to feel at this point? What do you think about God’s response?

8) What was the purpose of the genealogy in chapter 6?

God bless


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