Bible Study – Exodus Chapter 7 – 8

This weeks bible study lesson, will be based on Exodus chapter 7 and 8:

1) Reflecting on verses 1-5 of chapter 7, what was God trying to do by hardening Pharaoh’s heart?

2) Looking at verses 10-12 of chapter 7, what was the difference between the miracle Aaron performed and the one performed by the magicians?

3) Looking at verses 19 -21 of chapter 7, what is different about this miracle compared to the first one Aaron did?

4) Reflecting on verse 7 of chapter 8, if the magicians were powerful, why were they only able to add to the frogs and not clear them?

5) Looking at verses 8-15 of chapter 8, what do we learn about Pharoah? Why did God kill the frogs when He knew Pharaoh would not change his mind?

6) Reflecting on verses 16 – 17 of chapter 8, God told Aaron earlier to strike the water and now strike the land, what does this show us about God’s power?

7) Looking at verses 18-19 of chapter 8, what did the magicians come to understand, why did Pharaoh not listen to them?

8) Reflecting on verses 25-32 of chapter 8, what is different about the way Pharaoh, Moses and God responded in this situation?

God bless


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