Bible Study – Exodus Chapter 9 – 10

This weeks bible study lesson, will be based on Exodus chapter 9 and 10:

1) Reflecting on chapter 9:15-16, why do you think God has not yet cut off some of the wicked leaders of today?

2) Looking at chapter 9:18-19, why do you think God gave the Egyptians a chance to prepare for the hail?

3) Now looking at chapter 9:20-21, what can we learn from the Egyptians’ responses to the warning?

4) Reflecting on chapter 9:27-28, do you think Pharaoh on this occasion intended to let them go?

5) Looking at chapter 10:1-2, what do we learn about God’s wider purpose for dealing with the Egyptians in this way?

6) Why do you think Pharaoh’s servants came to this conclusion in chapter 10:7?

7) Read chapter 10:8-29, what is Pharaoh trying to do, how does Moses respond, and how does God respond each time?

8) Throughout chapter 9 and 10, what do you notice about who God is using to perform these miracles?

God bless


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