Palm Sunday

This weeks bible study lesson, will be based on Matthew 21:

1) Looking at verses 1-5, why was it important to link the prophecy in Zechariah in this situation?

2) Looking at verses 6-11, in what ways can it be dangerous to get drawn into the excitement of a crowd?

3) Looking at the situation in verses 12-13, who do you think Jesus was upset with? What did He mean by a den of thieves? Are things like this still happening in places of worship today?

4) Looking at verses 18-22, what lessons was Jesus teaching His disciples?

5) Looking at verses 28-32, what was the purpose of the parable?

6) Looking at verses 33-46, what was the purpose of this parable?

7) Using this season of Easter, take some time to think, reflect, and pray on the areas that you need to improve, in your walk with Christ. Note down some goals and include action plans on how to achieve them.

God bless


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