Bible Study – Exodus Chapter 24 and 32

This weeks bible study lesson, will be based on Exodus chapter 24 and 32:

1) Reflecting on last week’s lesson, which of the commandments did they break?

2) Looking at chapter 24:3 and 7, how were their true intentions to God’s covenant shown in their actions later? 

3) Reflecting on chapter 24:1 and 14 what type of responsibility was given to Aaron? 

4) Based on chapter 32:1, what did the Israliets lack?

5) In relation to chapter 32:2-6 and 22-24, whose fault was it that Israel sinned?

6) What do we learn about Aarons character from this situation?

7) In relation to chapter 32:7-10, what can we learn from God’s response to their sin?

8) Looking at chapter 32:11-14, what do you notice about how Moses pleaded to God on their behalf?

9) Reflecting on chapter 32:19-29, was Moses’ response too harsh?

10) Based on chapter 24 and 32, what do you think keeps a person from sinning?

God bless


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